Camp Orange Adventures

Nickelodeon's Camp OrangeMaude Garrett and eight kids venture into the gross outdoors in Camp Orange: The Final Frontier.

WHAT'S COOLER THAN a swimming carnival, hotter than a sports day in summer and slimier than a forgotten banana in your backpack?

Camp Orange, of course, and this could be your groups next adventure

Located an hour or so from Sydney on a clearing near the banks of the Hawkesbury River, a cluster of wood cabins are camp headquarters to the teams The One Hit Wonders, Cheese and Crackers, Llamas in Pyjamas and Saddled Up Sickos. And just a short walk away, down by a creek, sits one of the biggest patches of slime you've ever seen.

Teams  have to contend with mazes, kayaks, mud pits, plates of worms and the dreaded slime. But Garrett says these kids can handle just about any of the messiest, grossest challenges the Nickelodeon crew can throw at them.

Now in the series' fifth year, it's going to take more than just being the kings or queens of the crud to take home the grand prize. In a new twist on the Camp Orange formula, Garrett explains how the campers have to vote for the best and fairest team to decide who will win the "Champ Orange" crown.

"This year it's different because we have Champ Orange, which is the favourite team as voted by all the campers. After every day they vote for the favourite team, individually, and if someone keeps wanting to be selfish, competitive and everything like that [they] won't get the vote," she says.

"So it's how you play the game now, you have to be strategic. If you suck up too much it's like, 'You're not getting my vote, you're just a suck up,' so you've really got to be generally good at the game, play fair and play nice."