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Childhood development essential to mastering key cognitive skills later in life

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As adults we look back on our childhood with the fondest of memories. We remember the days where we rolled around in the mud like little mischievous kids we were; making mud pies and building forts out of branches of trees from the backyard. We must understand the great importance of childhood, and the impact of being a ‘kid’ has on our cognitive skills and ability as an adult.

It is essential to encourage children to use all there physical, intellectual, and social skills as well as choosing a healthy and safe environment for the child to develop and grow. Though too, education and its entirety has been found to be fundamental on every stage of a child’s life.

Especially, during the young vibrant fearless years of a child’s life, it’s important to observe and monitor a child’s development and to ensure they meet their ‘developmental milestones’. By observing the progress of every child’s age stages, it minimises the impact of a hiccup on the child’s development and ensures a continuous improvement of the child’s skills and abilities.

A child’s ‘developmental milestones’ include an array of skills that a child has to master over its life span. It contains:

  • Cognition skills– the ability to learn and problem solve.
  • Social interaction and emotional regulation – interacting with others and mastering self-control.
  • Speech and Language – understanding and using language, reading and communicating.
  • Physical skills – fine motor skills (finger) and gross motor (whole body) skills.
  • Sensory awareness – the registration of sensory information.

These abilities are important for a child to maximise how they develop their skills, how quick they pick up new information, how they learn and how they problem solve for themselves.

However, it should be number one priority to provide a child the best education as possible and provide them the opportunity to constantly improve their skills and abilities. Here at The Outdoor Adventure Company, we take your child’s education seriously through providing a wide range of activities to ensure a positive impact on your child’s development.

Our school programs include an array of activities that encourage students to come out of their comfort zone and experience enhanced self-esteem and professional confidence. We develop strategic thinking and planning skills, improve co-operation and communication skills, as well as provide them with a sense of achievement. We can not forget an important element; Fun. We want kids to be kids, and to make memories that last a lifetime and enable them to grow and develop.

To ensure that a child is on the track for their age, The Outdoor Adventure Company incorporate a multitude of adventure options and provide the chance to connect with Australia’s natural environment.

Your child will leave with a wholesome sense of identity and feeling of community, with a strong guarantee they will leave with a large infectious smile.

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