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Obesity as an increasing health issue for children

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It’s shocking to see how many children suffer from obesity and what’s even more shocking is that this number is increasing. What’s the reason for this rising issue? Is it society or our wealthy lifestyle? Even more important is the question that many ask, what can we do to minimise obesity?

The Influence from family and society

The main reason for overweight children is often caused by unhealthy food choices such as high fat and sugar diets, a lack of physical activity by spending too much time utilising computer and other electronic devices, as well as family eating habits. This last point about family eating habits is a bi-product of their environment which is directly influenced by the actions of one’s parents.

There are also several other causations such as the price and availability of fast food options. It feels like our lives are constantly surrounded by fast food and it is sometimes hard to find a way to turn it down.

What is the result of overweight and obesity?

Obesity causes an array of problems, including physical as well as psychological issues. Children who are overweight are more likely be teased by their peers and therefore develop a lower self-esteem and limited confidence. Also, the physical problems start with eating disorders such as bulimia or binge eating, type 2 diabetes, liver problems, including fatty liver, cardio problems, or orthopaedic disorder and even more.

The first signs of these issues are recognisable during childhood and can become a major problem which can be seriously dangerous during adulthood.

Prevention is Key

The number one priority is to give children the chance to get a healthier lifestyle by offering them a range of opportunities that include:

  • Creating a sense of community and bonding with peers and teachers
  • Fostering an interest in physical activity and recreational pursuits
  • Improving motor skills
  • Enhancing self-esteem, self-worth and confidence
  • Providing the opportunity for personal challenge and achievement
  • Kindle an interest in the natural environment and Australian bush
  • Encouraging teamwork and communication
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