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The benefits of school camps

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Over 75% of schools in Australia have integrated school camps into their yearly curriculum activities and recent research has revealed that student’s psychological wellbeing and emotional balance is greater due to their participation and involvement in the school camps.

Kids tend to spend more time at school with their teachers and peers than they do at home. This is why incorporating activities that are not only fun they enhance and develop a student’s personality and well-being are extremely important in the early stages of development.


Encouraging independence

School camps can sometimes be the first time your students have been away from their comfort zone or safety net. Camp provides an opportunity for students to begin to take care of themselves, creating responsibilities and managing decisions in a safe and nurturing environment that will see them grow and develop their identity and sense of self over the course of their stay.

The building blocks to self confidence

School camp is constantly encouraging student participation in a wide selection of activities, each way you turn you're bound to discover another exciting activity. Self-confidence is enhanced whilst at school camp as students are able to achieve and succeed in activities both independently and as a team. Furthering this idea an Outdoor Adventure Company camp, provides encouragement, acceptance, support and a ‘can do' attitude that enhances students ability to achieve a heightened self-confidence.

Stimulates students’ creative wild side

One of the many benefits of school camps is stimulating students’ creative wild side. They are often forced into nature, away from their digital devices and the overwhelming amount of social media. It’s important to encourage their creative minds to run free.

School camp should be a part of every Australian student’s educational journey. The benefits are endless and the rewards are life changing for students.

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