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The benefits of corporate retreats

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Did you know only 20% of companies have ever participated in a corporate retreat? Yet the benefits of these retreats away from daily life are not to be discounted or overlooked. In this article we outline the benefits of attending a corporate retreat, to help you establish stronger bonds with your co-workers and teammates.

Reduce stress and boost morale

Stress and morale are two variables that can affect work and team building. In a workplace, everybody is pressed for time or stressed by their increased workloads. With time away from the pressures of work, employees can interact with their peers in other ways; in a relaxed environment instead of the formal office setting.


Once a corporate team is in a different environment free from stress and pressure it’s easier to work on team building and really get to know one another. A retreat is a fun moment, a new adventure, where co-workers can create everlasting bonds. Every single participant can be themselves without having pressure and evidently open up to their peers. Working on team building away from the actual workplace will have great rewards in the long term with strengthened interactions and social bonds.

Settle conflicts

It’s completely normal that in your business there is some disagreements and conflicts, take advantage of this retreat and put an end to those misunderstandings. A shared experience like a retreat is an opportunity to strengthen the ties and break down barriers.

Create stronger links

To create stronger links, you need to discover every team member in another environment. During a retreat you bonding with your co-workers through talking, eating and sharing a room creates better communication, enhanced trust and appreciation for one another.

Expose hidden talents

During a retreat you and your team are going to be together for 24 hours or more. Take this opportunity to share simple moments and discover things you didn’t know about your team. Maybe your marketing manager is an excellent drawer and your receptionist is an amazing cook. Those moments will give you a chance to unwind and discover more about one another.

For over 10 years Adventure Team Building have offered corporate clients and small business a comprehensive range of experiential teambuilding options. Our aim is to provide activities which foster co-operationcommunication, team skills and a sense of achievement.

We have developed a program which supports your business directions and complements your training objectives. Why don’t you book your corporate retreat today? Located in Webbs Creek, Wisemans Ferry, our 300 acre venue provides a refreshing outdoor adventure in a natural and pristine bush setting just one hour and fifteen minutes from Sydney CBD.

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